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“Behind all this, some great happiness is waiting.”
"Seven Laments for the War-Dead" by Yehuda Amichai, trans. Chana Bloch (via the-final-sentence)


if SAO was like, not as weirdly filled with stereotypically Japanese perversion-bordering-on-misogyny, that would have been the best anime I’ve ever watched.

«log out» 


Oh, don’t tell anyone I’m here / I got Tylenol and beer / I was thinking that you’d call somebody / closer to you

Oh, when I lift you up / you feel like a hundred times yourself / I wish everybody knew / what’s so great about you

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I always thought the questioning everything was a good way to stay sharp and centered intellectually and spiritually lol nope spoiler alert it’s just really scary


I remember in 9th grade I read somewhere that Thom Yorke had said he’d rather make an album with a computer than a guitar and I flipped the fuck out bc computers?! anyway I was a huge boner womp womp womp

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getting sunburned is really cool because you get to get cancer and feel like shit cigarettes and alcohol are way too fun cancers for me


turn around, turn around, take me back, I can’t calm down

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I am drunk

and I am making a playlist of songs I loved that my now-ex-girlfriend hated.

I highly recommend it should you find yourself in a similar situation.

Reel by Welbeck.